Lotto 4d | Lotto 4d today results

It is also called 4- Digit Lotto, an online lottery game in which you must select four digit numbers from 0000 to 9999. It was launched in 1997 by Philippine Charity Sweepstake Office (PCSO). Three drawings occur in a week. If your selected number is the same as the number drawn in the lottery, you are winner.

Winning Numbers

1ST Prize
2ND Prize
3RD Prize

Drawing Schedule 4D Lotto

Draw holds on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 9 PM. You can watch the live drawings on PTV4 and the official website of PCSO.

How to get your ticket?

The online ticket is unavailable, so you must visit the authorized retailer of PCSO. You may get your ticket after paying the cost for each play you select. You have two options for the selection of your number.

Marking the numbers from the play slip. There are four columns of 0 to 9 numbers on the play slip. You can select 1 number from 0-9 from each column.

Selecting the numbers via lucky Pick (LP). The machine automatically selects the 4-digit number for you.

How to play 4D Lotto?

There are several methods to play this game.

Standard Play

In standard play, you need to select a 4-digit number. 

Prem or Ramboll

It is a straight play in which you can select the 4- digit number with all possible arrangements at different bet costs. The chance of winning depends upon the no. of combinations and the amount of bet. The selection of numbers in Prem or Ramboll can be like this.

  • If you select 1234 (All numbers are different), your possible combinations are 24, and the bet amount is 240 Pesos.
  • If you select 1233 (two digits are the same while two are different), the possible combinations are 12 at the cost of 120 Pesos.
  • On selection of 1122 (two different pairs of two similar numbers), no. of combinations is six at the cost of 60 Pesos.
  • On selection of 1112 (one different and three similar numbers), the possible combinations are four, and the total bet cost is 40 Pesos. 

In this method, you get more chances to win more exciting prizes.

Roll 1

It differs from the standard play as you select three-digit numbers from the play slip. Then you mark ROLL 1, the central computer system that selects the first digit to complete the four-digits number ranging from 0-9. The cost of a bet for ROLL 1 is 100 Pesos.

Roll 4

Both Roll 1 and ROLL 2 are similar. In the ROLL 4 method, you must select the first three numbers while the central computer system selects the last digit to complete the 4-digits number at the cost of 100 Pesos.

How to win 4D Lotto?

The overall odds of winning in this game are 1 in 10,000. You can win the Jackpot of 10,000 Pesos if your four numbers match the numbers drawn. You can win two types of prizes worth 800 Pesos if your last three numbers are exactly similar to the number drawn. If the first two numbers are in the exact order, you can win three types of prizes worth 100 Pesos.

If there are two or more jackpot winners, the whole amount is equally divided among the winners.

How to claim your prize?

If you are the winner, claim your prize as soon as possible. You can receive your prize on the spot soon after the draw from any authorized PCSO retailer or the PCSO main office. You can claim your prize one year after the draw. After that, it will no longer be considered a winning ticket.

Rules to play Lotto 4D

PCSO has set a few rules and regulations for all interested in playing this online lottery game. Given below are some of the important rules.

  • You should not be less than 18 years.
  • You should play responsibly.
  • Fill up the form accurately and keep your play slip safe.
  • Select the bet type, amount, and the 4-digits number from the play slip carefully.
  • Do not give your ticket to anyone else.