Magnum 4d Result 25 March 2023

Magnum 4D is a famous online lottery game, first introduced in Malaysia. In this game, you must select a 4-digits number from 0000- 9999. You must select a small or large forecast method against a certain bet amount. You can win the jackpot of multi- million Ringgits for the cost of RM 2 only if the second, third and fourth number is the same as the number draw. The more you invest, the more you win. 

Winning Numbers

Date: 25-03-2023 (Sat)Draw No: 850/23
1st Prize 首獎8438
2nd Prize 二獎6961
3rd Prize 三獎2660
Special 特別獎
Consolation 安慰獎

How to get your ticket? 

If you are interested in playing this game, get the ticket first. Go to the authorized nearby retailer of Magnum 4D. Fill in the play slip, and select the method and amount you want to play. 

How to play the Magnum 4D? 

If you are interested in playing the Magnum 4D lottery, here are the steps you can follow and win the match. 

  • Select your 4-digit numbers from 0000- 9999 from the play slip. Selected numbers should look like 1234, 3411, and 5877. 
  • You can ask for Lucky Pick (LP), in which the computer automatically selects the numbers for you. 
  • Select big forecast, small forecast, or both. The minimum amount you can play this game is RM1. 
  • Select the methods to play for small, big, or both forecasts. 
  • You can play straight, permutation, roll, and m box for both big and small forecasts. 

Draw Schedule 

The draw takes place on four days of the week, including Saturday, Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 7 PM at the official website of Magnum 4D. You can download the Magnum4D app to see the instant results on your phone. 

You can download the app from the google play store on your mobile and install it to check the results wherever you want. 

How can you Win Magnum 4D? 

It is a simple and easy-to-play game. If your selected numbers match the numbers drawn, you win the lottery. The amount you win is directly related to the playing method and the amount you invest, either big or small, forecast. You can play the game with a minimum amount of RM 1. 

In a small forecast, the number of prizes is less than the big bet, while the amount of prizes is higher than the big bet. You can win 1st, 2nd, 3rd, a special prize, and consolation prizes while in a small forecast you can win fewer prizes. But the amount of prizes is higher than the big forecast. 

How much can you win? 

If you select one 4-digit number 1234 for RM 1, the prize amount will differ for big and small. It depends on the method of play you select. How much can you win in Straight Play? In a straight play, if you select 1234 (4-digits number) for RM 2, the possible winning amount for a small forecast will be:

  • First prize is RM 6000, which is RM 2500 for the big and RM 3500 for the small forecast. 
  • Second prize RM 3000 in which RM 1000 for bid and RM 2000 for small.
  • Third prize is RM 1500, which is RM 500 for the big and RM 1000 for the small forecast. 
  • One special prize of RM 180 for the big forecast. 
  • No third prize under the small forecast. 
  • One consolation prize of RM 60 for bid also. There is no consolation prize under a small forecast. 

Prize possibilities in permutation method 

In permutation play, prize possibilities are similar to that of Straight play. The only difference is the selected number with 24 combinations. For example, you have selected the number 1234. Its possible combinations are 24. You have to pay RM 24×2= RM 48. The cost per combination/ number is RM 2. 

Prize possibilities in the Roll play method 

The first, second, third, special, and consolation prizes in Roll play remain the same as in Straight play and permutation play. However, in Roll play, you select ten numbers for RM 20. In both methods, you have more chances to win. 

Prize structure in the m-box method 

In the m-box play, you select the 24 numbers for RM 2. Given below are the prize possibilities for RM 2. The prize amount will increase if you increase the basic play amount.

  • First prize is RM 251, which is RM 105 for the big and RM 146 for the small forecast. 
  • Second prize RM 126 in which RM 42 for bid and RM 84 for small. 
  • Third prize is RM 63, which is RM 21 for the big and RM 42 for the small forecast. 
  • One special prize of RM 8 for big forecast only.
  • There is no third prize under a small forecast. 
  • One consolation prize of RM 3 for big also. There is no consolation prize under a small forecast. 

How to Claim Prize?

If you win the match, claim your winning amount soon after the draw. You can submit your request, as the company pays small prizes on site. While for the jackpot and another big prize, you need to submit the winning ticket to the authorized retailer of Malaysian Magnum Lottery or the Head office of the Magnum Company.

While purchasing a ticket, you must submit the method you want to get your prize. There are two ways. 

1. Lump sum or cash: The Magnum lottery pays you the whole amount. 

2. Annuity: This option pays the prize amount in installments. 

Initially, some amount is paid once, while the remaining amount is divided into 29 equal installments. You can receive some amount at once, but the remaining amount is in 29 equal annual installments. 

Check Rules Before You Play Magnum 4D. 

Magnum Corporation has set a few rules to avoid any trouble. 

  • Player must be a permanent Malaysian citizen. 
  • He must be within 18-21years. 
  • Fill in the ticket carefully. 
  • Do not share the details of tickets to anyone else.

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