Singapore 4d Results March 22, 2023

What is Singapore 4D? 

It is one of the exciting online lottery games launched in Singapore. In this game, a player must choose a 4-digit number at a minimum cost of $1. You can place a big and small bet for ordinary play, system entry, 4D Roll and iBET to win five categories of prizes. You can select up to 23 sets of winning numbers and win. 

Winning Numbers

Date: 22-03-2023 (Wed)Draw No: 4990
1st Prize 首獎0027
2nd Prize 二獎5170
3rd Prize 三獎6937
Special 特別獎
Consolation 安慰獎

Steps to play 4D Singapore

If you are interested in playing 4d Singapore, follow these steps.

  • Buy your ticket from the lottery outlet. 
  • Select 4-digit numbers from 0000 to 9999 written on the ticket. You have two options to select your 4D number. You can select by yourself or by QP (quick pick). In quick pick, you allow the machine to select the 4D numbers for you. 
  • Place your bet by Self Pick or Quick Pick in two different ways. Let’s discuss the methods to place your bet. 
  • To place the bet at an authorized retailer or outlet of the Singapore lottery, mark the bet type and amount carefully. 
  • If you want to place more bets, you must fill another ticket. 
  • While filling the play slip for Ordinary, System Entry and 4D Roll for three draws takes place on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday or for six consecutive draws. 
  • Select the Bet Type on the play slip. 
  • For Ordinary Entry and 4D Roll, no need to mark anything. 
  • Select the Draw day and press the “6 DRAWS” if you want to play six consecutive draws. 
  • For 4D Roll, you have only one option to play the current draw. 
  • Choose the 4-digits number and the small and bet amount. You can mark four digits in Ordinary Entry. The cost of the bet is the bet amount you marked earlier. 
  • You can choose three numbers with one R (any number from 0-9). Bet cost= Bet amount x 10. 
  • You can choose four digits in System Entry, and the bet cost= bet amount x number of selected combinations. 
  • In iBET, you must choose four digits, and the bet cost equals the significant bet amount. 
  • If you want to play a Singapore Sweep bet for 4D ordinary bets, select “SG Sweep”. 
  • For the selection of a new board select “VOID”. After placing your bet, you can buy your ticket from the outlet. 

How to Place 4D bets online? 

You can play Ordinary, 4D Roll, System Entry and iBet for the minimum cost of $1. Follow the steps to place a 4D bet online with a Singapore poll account. 

  • Download the app from the play store and install it on your mobile. 
  • Log in to the home page of Singapore Lottery and choose your 4D numbers. 
  • Next is to select the Bet Type for Ordinary, System Entry, iBet and 4D Rolls. 
  • Select your draw days and the amount for a small and big bet. 
  • You can generate random numbers for Ordinary, System Entry and iBet. 
  • For 4D Roll, enter three digits and one ‘R’. 
  • You can arrange the bets in one line by pressing “ADD TO BET SLIP”. 
  • Select “PLACE BET” if you want to check your bet slips are accurate before final selection. To review your bet, press DECLINE and to confirm your bet, press ACCEPT.
  • You can track your bets while entering through the Transaction History. 

How to play Singapore 4D? 

Four methods include ordinary Entry, 4D rolls, system Entry and iBet to play the game. Each game differs from the other. 

In Ordinary Entry, You need to select four-digit numbers. You can win the prize if your number matches the number drawn. Cos of one combination is $1. 

In 4D Rolls, you can select three numbers from the play slip and one R number from 0-9. So you have the combinations of 10 4D numbers for $10. 

In System Entry, you need to choose 4D numbers in a way that has 24 possible combinations, and the system Entry cost is $ 24. The cost per combination is $ 1. Suppose you select a 4d number having two different and one pair of numbers like 1123. The cost of your bet is $12. Similarly, for 6 and 4 possible combinations, the bet cost is $ 6 and $ 4, respectively.

In the iBet method, you must select four-digit numbers and place a bet on all combinations for only $1 cost. For 24, 12, 6 and 4 possible combinations, iBET costs $1. 

How to win? 

Suppose your numbers are the same as those in a live draw. The prize amount increases as you add more amount. The prize amount depends on other bet type and their cost. See the table below where I have discussed the prize amount for Ordinary play and the 4D Roll for small and Big bets. 

  • The first prize is $5000, $2000 for a Big bet and $ 3000 for a small bet. 
  • The second prize is $ 3000 of which $ 1000 is for a big bet and $ 2000 for a small bet. 
  • The third prize is $ 1290, $490 for a Big bet and $ 800 for a small bet. 
  • A starter gift of $ 250 for Big bet only. 
  • Consolation prize of $ 60 for big bet only.

How to Claim Prize? 

If you are the winner, claim your prize within 90 days of the drawing. For the small prize, you can receive money at once from the authorized retailer. You must visit the lottery office and submit the request form for the big prize. You have two options to get money from the banks. One is the lump sum, while the other is the annuity in which the amount has been dived into smaller instalments.

Be responsible while playing 4D Singapore

The game is set for entertaining people. That is why some rules are set to play this game responsibly and carefully. Some of the rules are given below.

  • If you are above 18, do not play.
  • You can only play online game only if you are of 21. 
  • Keep your ticket safe and never share the details with others.
  • Play with your extra money, it must not disturb you or your families.

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